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My Samsung Chromebook is my favorite possession. I love chrome. Date me?

ABOUT ME: I love chrome

INTERESTED IN MEETING: Emotionally available chrome enthusiasts

HOBBIES: Chrome plating everything in my house, I have chrome chairs, a chrome bed, and three cute chrome cats. I chromed my whole house, so y'know, chrome sweet chrome hahahaha. Ha. I also enjoy watching shows on my chrome covered TV, though I only get the sound because I chromed the screen. I've also starting chroming my food, which tastes weird but I'll get used to it. 

MOST VALUED POSSESSION: My Chromebook. My dad got this Chromebook from his dad during World War II and then my dad gave it to me when I was reading a book about World War II, so it's almost like magic. Or maybe I was just reading a review of a World War II book on my Chromebook. Or maybe it was just a book. I don't know anything about World War II.

HOW TO CONTACT ME: Write me a letter, have it chromed, then bury it under a log. Then chrome the log. If we're meant to be together, I will find the chromelog and we will chrome as one for chrometernity.

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Samsung 11.6" Dual-Core 16GB Chromebook
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