Today's Woot Write-up

Your desktop tower's core is looking flabby so we're going to work the quads today. Here at the gym where we are talking.

Ok, so! First thing we gotta do is get your tower calibrated. You know how we do that? I do not, I'm brand new here. So then next, let's go straight to the quads. Now your tower has a quad-core, which means there are four things in the core. Or it has four cores. Either way, the number four is involved, and that means it's gonna be hard work. I cannot guarantee your safety. I'm kidding. I just can't guarantee your refund.

So your tower's core is located here, here, here, and here (points four times in the same place). This is important to know because we're gonna work the quads, which are here (points to a muffin on a tiny plate). Ok, I need a volunteer. Anyone? How about you. You're the only person here so I'm picking you. Point at me. Good. That's correct. 

Moving on, the greatest mystery of the quads are why they're called 'quads' when 'foursies' would have been a way better name. Does anyone know the answer to this? I'm really curious. 'Foursies' just makes more sense. 'Quads' just sounds like a suppository or a movie villain's pet. 

Lastly, and most important: If you find yourself in the woods and you are lost and unarmed, your tower's quads will glow. So hopefully you left your tower at the police station before you went on a hike or something. I once had to go the police station to identify a pair of shoes. True story.

Well, I hope you learned a lot. I know I'm hungry.

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HP Pavilion Intel i5 Quad-Core Desktop

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HP Pavilion Intel i5 Quad-Core Desktop
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