May I see your passport please? Haha no, your WD Passport Ultra. Also please take off your shoes and clothes.

Yeah, we see a lot of people come through here every day. Most of 'em are carrying hard drives with a couple hundred megabytes, a few kids with flash drives, y'know. But only the best are carrying the WD My Passport Ultra. And every time I see one of those people, I want to shake their hand, pat 'em on the back, and treat 'em to a nice pasta dinner at the restaurant of their choice. I mean, it has to be within a $50 range, I'm not made of money. Well, I am, but that's another story. Anyway, those WD people always have good hair or cool shirts or a funny walk or some number of children. I love 'em. I'm not shy, I'll say it. Love. Because they know what digital storage is ALL ABOUT. You hear me? And if you don't have a good horse sense about digital storage, what are you in this world? I'll tell you what you are: you're one of them. Don't be them, be a WD peoples. 

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WD MyPassport Ultra Portable Hard Drives

WD MyPassport Ultra Portable Hard Drives
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