To accompany your new Dell Latitude, here is a very unhelpful FAQ.

Is it inappropriate to name my laptop?

Yes, don't do that.

Where can I store my laptop?

Dishwasher, cave, belly of a whale.

How much of my laptop is edible?

All of it.

Can I bathe with my Dell laptop?


My friend/family member/spouse wants to use my laptop. Should I allow this?

Never. Death first.

Do I have to keep it on my lap?

Yes. Otherwise the sun may not rise.

What else can my laptop do?

Panini press.

I am lonely. Can my laptop help me to not be lonely?


What does my laptop eat?


Enjoy your Dell!

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Dell Latitude E6420 14" Intel i7 Laptop

Dell Latitude E6420 14" Intel i7 Laptop
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