Useful phrases to learn using your Rosetta Stone software:

1.) "Where is the bathroom?"

2.) "It's too late for a bathroom. Where is the laundromat?"

3.) "What do you mean the nearest laundromat is in another town?"

4.) "Fine, what is the best way to cancel a date for tonight?"

5.) "No no, a date, like a sexy meeting."

6.) "Correct, not the fruit.”

7.) “Of course I have a date.”

8.) “I’ve gone on lots of dates before.”

9.) “Well, I don’t think I’m that ugly. And neither does my date.”

10.) “Look, are you going to help me or not?”

11.) “Fine, then don’t.”

12.) “Please please help me.”

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Rosetta Stone Levels 1-2: (Your Choice)

Rosetta Stone Levels 1-2: (Your Choice)
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