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I'm a spy. I can't say much more than that but I can tell you I get all my elite intel from my HP 8200 Elite Intel Desktop.

My last mission, I was in [REDACTED] when a [REDACTED] fell out of the sky and [REDACTED] me on the [REDACTED]. From then on, I decided to get only the purest, most secretive intel from the...wherever secret intel comes from. So when Mr. [REDACTED] suggested I try out the HP Elite Intel, I knew it would be the machine for me. It has 'elite' and 'intel' in the same title AND side by side. That's enough for this spy. So I thanked Mr. [REDACTED] for the intel, then made sure he wouldn't tell anyone anything ever again. What, it's my job. Anyway, works great! I've been taking spy quizes online all morning. Turns out I'm a "Super Spy" because I got a 7/10 score. I'd share it online but then I'd have to eliminate everyone online.

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HP 8200 Elite Intel i5 Quad-Core SFF Desktop
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