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When trying to lose weight, what could be a better motivator than a desktop computer?

Honey, I know you've been on a diet lately, so I brought home this special treat as a little added motivation!


Yep! It's an HP Pavilion Quad-Core Slimline Desktop. With its slim tower, slim mouse, and slim keyboard, I thought it'd be an encouraging way to say, 'Hey! You're not in this alone! Even the computer's in it with you!'

"Um, that's sweet."

I thought you'd like it. In addition to its slim appearance, it was also slim in price, but guess what it's not slim in: features! We can do everything we do on our regular computer.

"Great. But I'm not on a diet."

You're not?

"No. I said I'm leaving you."


"I'll be taking the computer though, thanks."

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HP 400 Intel Quad-Core Slimline Desktop
$169.99 In Stock Electronics > Computers
$169.99 USD false 1 Retail EA
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