Hi, I’m Barry the Bearable Bear and I love my HP A6 Quad-Core Laptop. I smell food, do you have food? I am a bear.

Although I have massive claws that can maim and tear, mostly I just want to type on my HP. Hahaha look at this funny bear video I just found! Classic bear. Anyway.

I find the 15.6” screen just the right size for my bear eyes which I usually use for seeking salmon in the water. Luckily, I can now just order all my salmon online. My wi-fi comes from a tree.

Sometimes I am lonely and log onto a bear chatroom. It involves riding a log into a den of bears and hoping they want to chat. But I’m also part of a bear Facebook group.

Someday I hope to visit Germany. I hear their flag has a bear. I also read a lot about the country on the Wikipedia page. But most airlines don’t accept bears. I should start up my own bear airlines. Bearlines. Hahaha. I’ll never see Germany.

My HP is my favorite thing in the whole forest. Also scratching my back, that’s probably #2.

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HP 15.6" AMD A6 Quad-Core Laptop

HP 15.6" AMD A6 Quad-Core Laptop
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