With the HP LaserJet Pro, the printing possibilities are endless. So use yours to do one or more of these unintelligent things:

1.) print ten thousand inspiring hockey quotes and wallpaper your foyer

2.) print a mapped route of your city's abandoned warehouses and give it to some teen detectives

3.) instead of talking, print all responses to your co-workers for a day

4.) print your own novel My Boss Is Lame and leave a copy in the breakroom

​5.) print out your resumé when you need to find a new job after #3 & 4

6.) print a list of objections and distribute them at the next wedding you attend

7.) print a LOST flyer of your dog and tape it to your dog who you've disguised as a telephone pole

8.) print fifty letters (one letter per page), attach them to fifty dogs, and see what kind of anagrams they spell

9.) use those anagrams to write and print your new novel, then leave a copy in your old breakroom

​10.) print an apology letter to your former work for trespassing

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HP LaserJet Pro B/W Multifunction Printer

HP LaserJet Pro B/W Multifunction Printer
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