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Hi, I'm Wally Warfnstruckw, the surfing pizzabear. Come along with me and let's surf the net with our Motorola. Please like me.

In the Warfnstruckw household we have a saying: "pizza". We also say "internet" sometimes and "surfing" pretty much non-stop. Also "blood" and "human blood". But today, we're taking our Motorola Modem out for a spin. Hop in my pizzacar! I'll tell you some sad personal stories on the way.

[cut to the beach]

...and we never found him. Anyway, here we are! If this Motorola SurfBoard is as great as they say, we should have a nice full day of waves, wind, and Warfnstruckw.

[throws modem into the ocean]

Well. Ok. So it just sinks. Do we have another one? No. Ok.

[stares at the ocean for 7 minutes]

Can we still be friends?

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