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Don’t panic. That sale we had wasn’t selling, so we’ve given you a whole bunch of options instead. Go on, browse around. We hope you find something you want! We hope it so so desperately.

Sure, this is a gaming keyboard, but it also works for good old-fashioned typing. In fact, it's fully compatible with all of the following word processors:

Tab Derby
Keypunch Xtra
Shift Cruncher
Andy Roddick’s Ace Document Service
LetterSnake Pro
KeySPN Sports-Enter
Wingdingin’ with Chuck Rickey
Lightning Bolt Of Words!
The Alt Shop
CapsLocked on Danger Island
Mashley Kate OldKey

So buy it, and get typing (or gaming) TODAY!

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Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2014 Keyboard
$69.99 In Stock Electronics > Computers
$69.99 USD false 1 Retail EA
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Woot! Computers.Woot
4121 International Pkwy Carollton TX 75007 U.S.A.