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Don't tell anyone but I'm a member of ENVY, HP's secret organization of desktop users who can't remember what ENVY stands for

Exceptional Novices Voting Yearly? Nope. Even Numbskulls Value Yaks? I don't think so. Eating Nectarines Vanquishes Youth? Oh man, I really don't recall. In fact, I'm pretty sure I never found out what ENVY stands for. But I did get an HP ENVY Intel i5, 12GB DDR3 Desktop when I joined ENVY, so I figure it's a great deal. Oh sure, I'm a little uneasy being part of a secret society with intentions I know nothing about. But that's life, isn't it? You're born, you eat pudding, you join a bunch of secret societies, then it's all over. So maybe the point is not to know intuitively what ENVY stands for, just to use my ENVY to generate endless hypothetical interpretations of the acronym. Egg Noodles Very Yummy? Probably not.

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HP ENVY Intel i5, 12GB DDR3 Desktop
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