Look there! On the horizon!

An army of bloodthirsty, super-intelligent, sentient laptops is moving in quickly to enslave us. We must band together to fight off their nefarious advances!

Actually, now that they’re getting closer and I can see better, they look a little less bloodthirsty and a little more like regular laptops. I don’t think we’ll need to fight them off, but we’ll give them a stern warning to keep away.

Ok, now that they’re pretty close I can see that they’re definitely just regular laptops.

Awww and some of them have pictures of puppies up on their screens! They actually seem pretty docile and sweet. Plus, my laptop has ben running kind of slow lately. Would it be the worst thing in the world if I took one home with me?

And that’s how they get us.

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HP 17" Full-HD Touch Intel i7 Laptop

HP 17" Full-HD Touch Intel i7 Laptop
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