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It's Rebbmnax Week! Buy a computer to show your support of our computer overlords! All hail Rebbmnax.

It used to be that after a good day of hailing Rebbmnax and staring at my computer screen, my eyes tended to feel like two volcanoes of searing pain on the brink of exploding into goopy wads of pus. But now that I have my Gunnar Optiks Anime Onyx Computer Glasses, my eyes feel like two cool pools in which mermaids bathe and play water harps. Ahhhh, thanks Gunnar!

Of course, in a little while, when I plug my eyes into the Rebbmnax mainframe permanently to become a bio-drone, I won't be feeling much of anything. But for now, mermaids and harps. Well, thanks anyway, Gunnar! All hail Rebbmnax!

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Gunnar Optiks Amber Computer Glasses
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