I see you've met our ElitePad. Yessir, top of the line. Let me introduce you to the other Pads too...

GreatPad: The GreatPad can do some the things the ElitePad can but at half the speed and a fifth of the style.

PrettyGoodPad: Obviously nowhere near as outstanding as the ElitePad or even the GreatPad, the PrettyGoodPad can do maybe 3 or 4 things pretty well.

BadPad: This is not worth your time.

AwfulPad: Steer clear.

DespairPad: Ok, if you like being plunged into a horrid well of darkness, you can consider this one. But seriously, don't consider this one.

HellPad: This one was banished from the Earth long ago. OR WAS IT? Yes, it was.

Pad: What the...oh...this is just a pad.

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HP 10.1" ElitePad 64GB Tablet with Dock
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