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These desktops were born to perform! Or maybe they'll just work lighting.

Oh, thousands of computers flock to New York and L.A. every year to enter the world of movies and TV. But they don't all make it, do they? Only a talented few will be used by the screenwriters, actors, FX team and producers of tomorrow. So it's best to accept this computer might just see you as a fallback plan. No, no, that's no slam on you, or their talent and dreams. Han Solo was a carpenter, right? And everyone loves him!

So don't be too cruel when your desktop tells you it's trying for another audition, and can't give you your files until after lunch. Just smile and be supportive. Because in the world of entertainment, it's not only about talent. Oh, no. There are plenty of favors you're gonna need to cash in along the way. If someone don't owe you a favor, all the performance power in the world ain't gonna help you be "third desktop from left" in the next Avengers movie. And that means, at some point, this desktop is going to give up on it's dreams and just get back to desktopping.

So let it try, huh? What harm does it do?

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Lenovo ThinkCentre M58 Intel SFF Desktop
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