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As a wizard, I have three things with me at all times: my wand, my bag of spells, and my Lenovo Intel 320GB SATA Tiny Desktop

Why the Lenovo Intel 320GB SATA Tiny Desktop you ask? Well, I can summon fire and levitate, but I can't connect to WebMD when I accidentally set small birds on fire. I consider technology to be the new magic. I mean, my Lenovo can't fly or turn a butterfly into a dragon...unless there's an app I don't know about. BUT. My spells can't send an email or type a document or photoshop a dog's head onto celebrity heads. Well, I can put a dog's head on a celebrity for real but I've been discouraged from doing that anymore. Most importantly, I can call tech support when something goes wrong. The wizarding world has no such equivalent, so if I summon a fetid green fog, I'm stuck with it. So catch up, magic users! Purchase a Lenovo before they become sentient and purchase themselves.

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Lenovo M72E Intel i5 320GB Tiny Desktop
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