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Prepping a hopscotch game helps you learn to count. Why can't that work for video games too?

Recess as it used to be prepared kids for many, many things. Playing baseball? You've gotta learn how to solve problems as a team. Playing basketball? You've gotta be able to think quickly. Playing foursquare? You've gotta be able to think about strategy. And, of course, today nobody does any of that stuff because they're too busy playing Foursquare Simulator 5000 on their watches in the lunchroom. So why should we fight that? Seriously, why?

Kids are gonna do what kids want to do. But everything opens a chance for a kid to learn. And if your kid loves Minecraft, maybe they'll want to learn how to really CONTROL Minecraft, yeah? Maybe they'll want to turn their play into a chance to accidentally learn a programming language.

And who knows? Once they learn how to program, maybe they won't grow into those adults who can't figure out how to reset the VCR. Yeah, that's right, grown-ups. You ain't so untouchable when it comes to learning either. Maybe YOU should get a few of these courses for YOURSELVES.

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