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This holds 64 gigs of data. What CAN'T you fill this with?

Here's something neat: Voyager made it out of the Solar System! Here's something else that's neat: Voyager's computers had about 32k of memory. Throw that on a Centon 64GB Datastick Pro USB 3.0 Flash Drive and you wouldn't even notice it! There might even be room for a FLAC rip of that sweet Golden Record... which would probably still leave you about 62 gigs free!

And then what to do with all that space? A high-quality rip of Star Trek: The Motion Picture? We looked it up, that's only about 19 gigs. Nothing to sneeze at, of course, but that STILL leaves you 43 more gigs in your Centon 64GB Datastick Pro USB 3.0 Flash Drive. A documentary about the findings? 38 gigs left! A documentary about how the Voyager satellites were made? 33 gigs left! High-quality photos from NASA's website? 23 gigs and some change! STILL MORE ROOM THAN MOST FLASH DRIVES BEGIN WITH!

Ultimately, we're going to have to just accept it. Man's come a long way, but we still don't know enough about the universe to fill Centon 64GB Datastick Pro USB 3.0 Flash Drive without throwing a couple'a Blue Öyster Cult records on there too.

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Centon 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

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Centon 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive
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