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Before I got a Seneca Monitor Mount, I tried different things to keep my monitor up. It was not good.

1. hammered a huge spike directly through the screen to the wall – do not attempt

2. purchased levitation spell on reddit for $200 – what a rip off

3. tried to balance the monitor on an upright mop – floor too slippery

4. tried to affix that mop to the floor using a gum wad made of 1,000 gumballs – very gross

5. abandoned the mop and just stuck the monitor in the gum wad – had to hire excavation experts to remove it

6. hung monitor from my chin-up bar – but then had to do emergency chin-ups the next day

7. held the monitor in place with my feet – couldn't walk for 3 days

8. gave up on using a computer – that lasted 23 minutes

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