This reference will help you understand where your EliteBook stands in the laptop rankings.

Elite: The best. Highest class, absolute top shelf. 

Extralite: Ok, we were wrong, THIS is the best. Because it has the word 'extra'.

Eeeextralite: HOLD THE PHONE. This one here must be the best. Look at all the letters.

Eh-lite: Not as great as Elite. In fact, it doesn't really care.

Egglite: Just a pile of eggs. But the BEST eggs.

Eliter: Wait. WAIT. This, ok, THIS must be better than Elite. Maybe.

Elitest: Not sure if this is the best of the best or just really snotty. Snooty. Snootest.

Eliteb: Uh.

Elit: Um.

E%l%i%t%e%: ...

Egret: The best heron.

Magritte: The best Belgian Surrealist artist.

Eliteb: No. Not doing this one again. Goodbye. 

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HP 15.6" 8560p Intel Core i7 EliteBook

HP 15.6" 8560p Intel Core i7 EliteBook
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