Movies that would be improved by adding an HP Pavilion 550 AMD A10 Quad-Core Desktop:

Raiders of the Lost Ark: Opening sequence, replace the golden idol with an HP Pavilion. Or maybe replace the boulder.

Remember the Titans: Replace the football with an HP Pavilion.

Star Wars: Replace Obi-Wan's light saber with--no better yet, replace the medals given at the end with HP Pavilions. And the Death Star. And all the ships.

Jumanji: Didn't see it. Uh...replace the...Jumanji.

The Preacher's Wife: Replace Denzel with an HP Pavilion.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2: Was there a part 2? Replace the pants. Or the sisterhood.

Thor: Replace Thor's legs with HP Pavilions. And make the hammer a donut.

The Piano: Replace everything but the piano. 

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HP Pavilion 550 AMD A10 Quad-Core Desktop

HP Pavilion 550 AMD A10 Quad-Core Desktop
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