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I bought a hundred ​HP 6200 Pro i5s to build a fort. Be my friend.

I know, pretty impressive right? Come into my fort. I call it Fort Steve, named after my mom. Yeah, I guess I could've used something less expensive than ​HP 6200 Pro i5s to make Fort Steve but...ok I wasn't going to tell anyone this but I'm actually in a high-stakes competition with my co-worker Steve (just a coincidence) on who can build the best fort built out of HP computers. And he's winning. And I hate him. So I have to make it out of ​HP 6200 Pro i5s. In fact, I just ordered a thousand more ​HP 6200 Pro i5s to upgrade to a castle. Steve will rue the day. No, not you, mom.

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HP 6200 Pro i5 2TB + 250GB SFF Desktop
$299.99 Sold Out Electronics > Computers
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