I love printing and I can prove it. What does this printout say? It says "I love printing" but the 'love' is a heart.

I have over 300 printers in my cabin but my favorite one by far is my HP LaserJet Pro 200. First, it prints in color, which is...like...I mean c'mon it's COLOR! Second, the quality is printacular! Sorry, sometimes I forget other people aren't familiar with my printer-based lexicon. And third, I can print via AirPrint so I don't have to touch cords which sometimes make me itchy. You want to see my print cabin? Uh...I'm sorry, it's just...there's no room for people in my cabin. Besides me. So...no. In fact, when I buy my next three HP LaserJet Pro 200s, there won't be room for me either. It will be a perfect ecosystem of printing technology. I hope to be buried in it. Before I'm dead.

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HP LaserJet Pro 200 Color Laser Printer

HP LaserJet Pro 200 Color Laser Printer
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