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Here at the HP Pavilion we have a saying: "Hi. Welcome to the HP Pavilion." 

We have other sayings too but I'm tired. So let me show you around. Here's the front desk. Here's the hallway room. Here's the pool. Here's the fun room, ignore the screams. Here's the restroom, ignore the screams. That's about the entire Pavilion. Oh, there's a gift shop too, we sell only HP Pavilion laptops. I think there might be a keychain left but it's highly toxic, don't touch it. What else. The parking lot is impressive. Ample parking. We also have a robot parking lot attendant. It's just an HP Pavilion laptop on top of a stepladder. Well, I hope this was helpful. Anyway, I'm off duty, you want to grab a burger and a laptop? Sorry, I mean shake. You want to shake a burger and a laptop? 

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HP Pavilion 17" AMD Touchscreen Laptops
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4121 International Pkwy Carollton TX 75007 U.S.A.