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Kindle 6" 2nd Generation E-Ink Display

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  • (6:32 AM, 3/15/2017) geovillage is in for three!


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Hi guys, Early adopter of the kindle here. My first kindle was a gen 1 purchased used because I couldn't afford a new one (before the big price drop). I skipped this one and went straight to the 3rd gen (now called kindle keyboard).

The point--a lot of the late adopters are not aware that the pre-fire kindles, such as this one, contained experimental features that ended up on the fire and were removed from the newer kindles.

The most important experimental feature is the Text-to-speech feature. That's right, this version of the kindle will read to you. It's one of those computer voices with an occassional odd pronunciation but it comes in handy. As a hack of this feature you can turn on tts then turn the sound down and have the pages turn themselves which is handy if you want to read during lunch.

In addition, these older kindles will play MP3 files so you can put your favorite music on them. Of course with limited memory you can't load it up but you can incude an audiobook or two.

All early kindles came with wireless whispersync, so you can buy and download books without wifi.

The experimental browser isn't as useful as it used to be because websites are more complicated than they used to be. So don't count on it to check your email but you can still might be able to read Wikipedia on it.


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One of the best Kindle readers ever made. When it first came out in 2009, this cost about $250 and it continues to provide great reading.
Whispersnyc means you can download books wherever you can get a 3g signal and at no additional cost.

If you are looking to play games, watch Netflix, this is not for you, but if reading books is your aim, this does it very well.

I am in for 3 !