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Arris SB6183 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

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  • (12:25 AM, 3/18/2017) dafrogman shares some thoughts.
  • (12:34 AM, 3/18/2017) woncoolone looks up some reviews.


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Not a bad price for a new product. I have the 6141 and it's been very good. Pays itself off in modem rental fee savings very quickly.

When considering, be careful to note that this has 16 download channels. Depending on your ISP download speed, this may be total overkill. The 6141 or 6121 may easily meet your needs.

This article gives a good overview and makes some comparisons.



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Not a bad price, however keep in mind that this is the Cable MODEM only. You'll need a router to go along with it.


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So it's math time again at woot central.

$69.99 + $5 shipping + 7% tax = $80.24

On Amazon is it currently priced at $84.99 from many sellers shipped by Amazon and with Prime. (cheaper from Amazon $82.99 but then I pay tax)

So, buy from Amazon with my Amazon card (5% cash back) and have Prime and no tax =

$84.99 - 5% = $80.74

woot = "hassle free" returns but you pay for shipping back returns and the delay receiving and returning is really far from hassle free (Let's be honest)

Amazon = hassle free no cost returns

For $0.50 more, Amazon wins. (BTW, you can get them cheaper new if you watch for the sales)

I guess "Amazon" wins either way, but I would rather have a full staffed 24x7 call center and free returns to deal with if I have issues when I receive it in two days.

Woot, you really need to start being a "deal" site again.

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