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What is Computers.Woot?

On the unending march of time

The world of personal computing is constantly evolving. Innovations occur so quickly and so often that just while typing this sentence, the computer we're using decreased in value by roughly $307. This can be frustrating, obviously, but it works out great for tech-heads, who are constantly inundated with exciting new gear to nerd out about, and cheapskates, who will be happy to find that yesterday's hottest machines shed their lofty price-tags with a quickness and desperation that rivals that of a teenage cheetah alone on prom night. Here at Computers.Woot, we promise to deliver the best of both worlds: the freshest PCs, laptops, tablets, and gear, AND the overripe but overcheap refurbs of the recent past.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why have a separate site just for computers?
Because computers are like snowflakes: You want push them to one corner of the parking lot so they're not in everyone's way. Seriously, though, we sell a lot of computers. They're one of our most popular items, so we wanted to give you a single place where you KNOW you can ALWAYS find computers and computer accessories when you need them.
So what's the difference between the deals here and the deals on the main Woot page, or Electronics.Woot?
Simply put: Woot's main page features the best deals across all our categories. From there, the breakdown gets a bit trickier. Electronics.Woot will sell TVs and home theater stuff and security systems and such, whereas Computers.Woot will deal entirely in computers of all kinds (desktops, laptops, tablets, etc.) and the wires and accessories that love them.
None of that makes any sense to me. What is Woot?
Why didn't you say something earlier? OK, so Woot is a group of ecommerce sites that launched with in 2004 and has since expanded to specialize in various other product types. You can get to those sites through the links at the top of this page. Each one caters to a different product category. In that way, we're kind of like a catering company. Or actually, no, we don't do anything like what a catering company does, except use the word "cater" occasionally, so never mind. Woot is nothing like a catering company.
What if I have a question about purchasing, ordering, shipping, returns, etc.?
First, start with the main Woot FAQ. There you will find either the answer you seek, or instructions about what to do if you don't find the answer you seek. Happy seeking.
What?!? You consider today's product a computer? It doesn't even have (a power cord/buttons/a screen/etc.)!
When you're in the business of providing great tech deals 365 days a year, sometimes you have to interpret "computer" a little more broadly than the typical circuit-head might. Like, take us, me and you: Are we not just fleshy computers ourselves, biding our time here on this network that is Earth, waiting for the day when our motherboard ceases to pulse life through our veiny circuitry? Okay, that's grim. But at least we're wireless! Suck on that, desktops!
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