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quality posts: 0 Private Messages jimswife0519 is about a personal friend of mine. I see all the people on my facebook donating bucks to save animals from shelters and adopted abandoned pets that are being fostered but this is a child, a human child. She has lived with my friend since birth with her 2 older siblings who she has already adopted but because the dad has two other children from a different mom she is having trouble getting the DCFS let her adopt this last child of her niece. They want her to adopt the OTHER 2 who are not related or else they want to adopt the 3 to a different family. Please help her raise the money for an attorney to fight this she has already wiped out everything adopting the first two children. This is so close to my heart because I am raising a child myself (for the last 10 years) and if the Bio Mom every gets real I will be facing legal challenges myself. Please if you can help even just $5.00. thank you in advance.


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dontwantaname wrote:bump

What is the significance of bump?


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jawsuser wrote:What is the significance of bump?

Just bumps the thread back to the top of the page.

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dontwantaname wrote:Just bumps the thread back to the top of the page.

Yep, bumping for a good cause.

JBJ Soul Foundation: Hurricane Sandy - NJ Relief & Recovery Fund


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I would love to suggest one family who can use some help. They are hard working and generally very proud so I know he's been beat up pretty badly financially to even ask.

I hope to be able to donate something in the next couple of days - time to go cash in my piggy bank change.

A home for Mom - water and septic system

Thanks everyone for looking at my post.


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Hi everyone,

Please help me help others!

There is a ministry that provides Pastors and Missionaries with a vacation place at little to no cost. I am donating some property to help them create a retreat center. There is more property for sale and I am trying to raise money for the other property.

If you can't help with money, word of mouth about the fund raising would be greatly appreciated. Here is the website:

Thanks in advance for your help


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I JUST discovered this wonderful thread!

Never knew it was here!

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I live in Greenville sc and I go around to scrap yards junk yards construction sites where ever I can then use the supplies to build tiny homes for the elderly homeless I don't want anything all I ask is with our free time everyone should do this you would be surprised what you find out there