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HP 15.6" Intel Dual-Core 1TB Touch Notebooks

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HP 15.6" Intel Dual-Core 1TB Touch Notebooks
Price: $329.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Wednesday, Nov 08 to Monday, Nov 13) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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I do not recommend. New housemate has one of these from walmart, exactly the same in all ways but a 500gb drive.

These "laptops" have the same molasses-slow performance as those $90 win10 tablets from china. Would not even recommend as a web browsing tool. Swapping in an SSD would probably help, but the CPU on this device is pegged at 100% even when the only thing it's doing is downloading updates.

I have a gen1 HP i3 laptop as a spare PC that is blatantly faster.


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Agreed, these are terrible, avoid. The CPU is garbage (dual-core Braswell), it has an HDD instead of SSD, and the 15" display is 1366x768, which is awful. Completely unacceptable. ODMs are not going to stop building laptops with large, low-resolution displays unless we stop buying them, so DO NOT BUY THIS LAPTOP!

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atomizer wrote:and the 15" display is 1366x768, which is awful.

I really hate the dude responsible for with that low resolution standard for laptop displays.


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Being an old ars illiterate when it comes to today's tech, I am glad when people get on here and call out a product for what it really is. Thanks for saving me some coin.


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Better deals everywhere on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


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The only way I could recommend this laptop (as speced) is if you are buying for an elderly relative who lives far away and needs it for the most basic web browsing and very light document writing in Word. Something that would be worry free because you get a year warranty from HP when buying it new and the relative can just send it in to get it serviced. Since it's a refurb and only has a 90 day warranty I can't even recommend it for that use case. You are much better served by getting one of the used and refrurbed from a third party Latitudes, HP Pros or thinkpads. For 330 you can get a 4th gen i5 with 8 gigs of ram and a small ssd that would run laps around this machine and get the same or better warranty.


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Really Woot. I hate to pile on but please stop trying to sell these things. If you need to get rid of them price them at $99 and clearance them out already.


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Dirty move Woot. At $329 price AND a refurb? you should be selling an i3 or even i5 refurb at this price


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bebopblues wrote:I really hate the dude responsible for with that low resolution standard for laptop displays.

At least with the low res screen there is a small gain in screen time and it probably does cost an extra 10 or so bucks to add. I hate the guy who decided that cheap laptops don't need 1 gig Ethernet ports even more. That can't add more than 10 cents to the cost of production. I know that the vast majority of people will never be adversely affected, but I'm just annoyed by the principle.

For the 10 dollars it does cost for the 1080p screen, I would rather they replace the 1 TB platter for a 250 GB ssd but that's a personal preference.

I definitely think that the computer manufacturers are purposely crippling their low end laptops to try to entice the users to spend more on higher end ones.


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This is just fine for a teenager in high school.


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HORRIBLE and slow CPU, RUN from this terrible priced laptop

David D Arnold


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Excruciatingly slow performance, even for a sub-$400 machine. I purchased one, used it for a day and then decided to return it. I am very disappointed that Woot is marketing this poor of a product. All of my previous purchases from Woot have been very satisfying experiences, so hopefully this is an anomaly.