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Computers.Woot: We're Here!

by Sean Adams

We've got two things to say: 1) in the future, you might read this on a device called a "computer," and 2) the future is today! Introducing Computers.Woot, the eleventh tentacle of the retail octopus known as! (It's an octopus that's been genetically modified a few times.)

What will we sell here? This'll blow your mind: laptops, desktops, tablets, and accessories. That's right: all computers, all the time! So if you're looking to make a couple computations, you know where to go!
Our site that used to host a lot of this stuff, Tech.Woot, will be transitioning into a new site of its own: Electronics.Woot! There, you'll find all the non-computer technology over there. We're talking TVs, home theater accessories, and assorted gadgetry.
So get psyched to buy some stuff we've been selling all along! Just organized a little better than before!